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                                       Welcome to the Investor Review 2016 Institutional Awards!

Investing is big business, and there are few businesses as vast as the institutional investors. Including banks, finance companies, funds and trusts, these firms are the biggest participants in securities trading and their stock market volumes have gone from strength to strength over the years. With the knowledge and the experience to carry off a successful investment, institutional investors are less restricted by regulations and this gives them much more freedom to achieve their goals.

The firms and individuals involved in one of the largest sources of financing deserve recognition for their expertise and dedication in bringing these investments to fruition, and being recognised by the Investor Review 2016 Institutional Awards is the perfect way to celebrate.

As with all of our programmes, these awards are based exclusively on merit. Business size, the number of votes received or location is not a consideration; our dedicated in-house research team left no stone unturned to ensure that each of our award winners are confident that their accolade is truly deserved.

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Winners Announced

Please see below for the full list of winners and please view November's issue of Investor Review to find out more!

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